Top 8 Personalized Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of celebration for everyone. December 25th marks the day Jesus was born. Hence, every year, on this occasional day, people from all over the world celebrate this festival by sharing happiness. The best way to share happiness is through gifts, and that is exactly what we’re going to discuss.

Here are the top 8 personalized Christmas gifts to send to your beloved ones:

1)     A Portrait of Their Favorite Selfie With You

If you are celebrating this Christmas with your significant other, but are unsure of what would make their heart skip a beat, a portrait of them with you just may be the best Christmas gift this year. Money can’t buy happiness, and neither can expensive gifts.
Sure, a really expensive coffee blender would be a nice gift to wake up to in the morning in the chilly winds of winter, but just because an item is expensive doesn’t mean your significant other will always appreciate it.

Go simple: find a picture of you and your beloved one, get it printed out and preserve it in a beautiful frame.  It’s the thought that counts, after all.

2)     A Custom-skin PlayStation, an Xbox, or a Switch

If you’re a parent and are thinking of buying a gift for your little ones: the easiest and safest option for you is to buy a gaming console for your child.

Most children love video games, and if you think that your child is old enough to play digital entertainment games like Fortnite or Super Mario Odyssey, consider buying a console for them.

Video games are a great way to get rid of boredom and it is a proven fact that little kids get bored really quick. Video games will keep them occupied.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll make it into their “My favorite personality” essay for the next term!

And if this isn’t enough, you can order a custom skin for your chosen console too, which should the message that you care, to your children clearly.

3)     A Custom-made Suit

If you’re not sure whether your recipient will like your gift or not, consider investing into garments. A custom-made suit of your giftee’s size is definitely a good choice.

This gift is both practical, and thoughtful. They can wear this suit to any event and you will be happy to see that they’re using your gift to the fullest. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful suit.

Of course, if you don’t know their actual size, consider asking their tailor. If that fails, consider asking someone really close to your gift-receiver.

4)     Trip to a Really Romantic Place

Every couple has that really special place in their heart that makes them forget their present and dive into a world of romance and butterflies.
Sure! Rome, France, Venice or Ireland are places where couples’ dreams come true, but during the busy days of Christmas, these places are crowded to the core.

Reserve a room that is nearest to that fateful tree you lovebirds met under. Or book two tickets in that train you two bumped on. Find a place which harbors significant feelings for both of you and take your beloved other to that place on this Christmas. They’re guaranteed to love it.

5)     A Personalized Necklace

Out of all gifts, jewelry is the one gift that lasts the longest.  Best thing about gifting jewelry is that you can pack it in a small box and hide it in your pocket to present to your significant other on any moment you deem worthy.
This Christmas, do consider investing yourself in a custom-made necklace that both of you can wear all the time and ultimately make your peers jealous. 
There should be a lot of these available on the internet.

6)     A Personalized Little Novel

If your friend or a family member is a romanticist and likes to read a lot of books, writing a little novel for them should definitely get them on their edge.

If you are unable to write a novel on your own, consider hiring a freelancer to do your job for you. Tons of freelancing websites will help you achieve this purpose.
Relationships might not last forever but words may.

7)      An Image of Your Recipient Engraved Into Crystal

What better to conserve your feelings for someone than to engrave their face into crystal?

Sculptures have always been considered an amazing item. I mean, just look at the magnificent sculpture of David by Michelangelo. It has been over 500 years and this sculpture still doesn’t cease to excite millions.

You may not be able to get a fully custom-made sculpture, but with the help of today’s 3D printing technology, you sure can engrave a full HD photo of your giftee into a crystal. Seriously, these look amazing on shelves and in the guest-room at midnight.

8)     Mixtapes – A Forever-classic of a Gift

Ever wanted to express something but couldn’t find the right words? Ever listened to a new song on the radio and got those little butterflies in the stomach?  The people of the 90’s found a solution for this issue and dubbed it a mixtape.

These people used to record such monumental songs onto a medium – aka mixtape – and sending them to their lovers/crushes/colleagues. Mixtapes were like a love letter to some. A way of expressing gratitude for others.

You should definitely consider getting yourself a mixtape. You can get these for under 20 bucks at the right stores.