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Here at Center Gifts, we know that simply having the best equipment isn’t good enough. We know that it takes passionate and committed individuals who are also skilled professionals to bring the desired results our customers need. That is why we have taken our time to invest in both.

We have been providing our customers with beautiful garment printing services for years. We look forward to working with you and adding you to our list of reputable customers.



Center Gifts offer both screen printing and direct-to-garment printing services. When it comes to the customization of apparels, these two processes are the most sought after.

This is because they are cost-effective and also have many variants, which helps in making each job a special one.

The direct-to-garment printing process uses inkjet technology to add ink from an image directly to a fabric. This process is done without adding extra texture to the garment or compromising the feel and smoothness of the fabric.

With garment printing, you can easily customize and personalize different fabric including T-Shirts, blankets, hats, bags, towels, and more.

Customizations can include high-quality photos, custom logo, or any graphic of your choice. The only limitation here is your imagination.

Our team of professionals will help you perfect your design. When you get the finished product, we guarantee that you’ll be quite amazed.

Direct-to-garment printing is perfect for both large and small-sized orders. It is the perfect garment printing process for sport shirts since they usually have the same design on the front side but different designs on the back.

With us you can print anything; you can have any designs on your fabric. In fact, you can having matching shirts and tote bags.

Just provide us with the graphic you want to use as well as the fabric, and we’ll provide you with the perfect design. Call on us today for your garment printing needs.



Direct-to-garment printing offers more flexibility than screen printing. It saves time and allows more color variation as it print graphics directly on the fabric.

We also offer custom screen printing services. Our professionals are always on standby to help you determine, identify, and customize the products that will meet your promotional goals.

If you are looking for a custom garment printing firm that offers high-quality designs, world-class services, and fast turnaround, Center Gifts is the right company for you.

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