Personalized Wine Glass Orange County

One of the hardest tasks is to choose an appropriate gift for an adult. Adults are quite picky when it comes to receiving gift. You are not really sure if they would like the gift or not. As an adult, you must have experience this multiple times in your life. Deciding on what to give as a gift can be troublesome, especially, if you don’t know that person well enough.

It is quite easy to choose gifts for the kids. Just prepare a basket of toys and you are all set. But, while choosing a gift for adults, it becomes quite difficult. For instance, you’d never know if they’ll like the cologne that you just bought for them. Adults never say it to the face if they do not like the gift. Instead, they just throw it at the back of their closet.


A gift should just be as meaningful as your relationship with that adult. Whether it is your boss, wife, fiancé, father or your employee, you should always think of giving them the best gift of their life. Personalized gifts are a really good option if you are expressive and close to the person. Personalized gifts do not only create a strong bond between the taker and the giver, but also express your feelings and thoughts about them.

Personalized gifts have become a new trend. There is a much heard hype about the personalized gifts. And to be honest, people like to receive personalized gifts. Personalized gift is not just an ordinary gift but a token of love and appreciation. People choose the personalized gifts for the people whom he is close to. Because, personalized gifts are entirely designed for them and them only. There is no other exception. Personalized gifts are unique, appealing and the type that would forever be kept by the gift taker.

But, it becomes quite difficult when it comes to choosing a specific personalized gift. Personalized gifts have a lot of variety to choose from. There are personalized mugs, personalized jewelry, personalized t-shirts, personalized plates, personalized cushions and personalized wine glasses. Every personalized gift is unique in its own way. But if, you are thinking to go out of the box and give the best personalized gift one could wish for, then the personalized wine glass is the best option as a gift for an adult.

In my opinion, personalized glasses make the best gift and here is why:



A personalized wine glass would be an exclusive gift. The gift taker would love it as an adult. Because, adults have a habit of drinking wine. All they have is wine after coming from work. It must have been boring to drink wine in a boring glass. The personalized wine glass would be an exclusive addition in his wine glass collection.

He would love it as the glass would be exclusively for him, and not for the rest of his family. Personalized gifts are known for their exclusiveness. Every time he would drink the wine in that glass, he would think of you for giving him an exclusive gift. Personalized wine glass is the best gift that you can give to your employees or your boss. Nearly everyone drinks wine. You can customize the wine glass for them and them only, to make it more exclusive and fancy.


Every date or a candle light dinner is incomplete without wine. If you are meeting your girlfriend for the first time, you can give her a personalized wine glass at the very moment. We know everything about our significant other. You can personalize the wine glass by engraving her name on the glass or by customizing it according to her personality. If she’s possesses a humorous personality, you can personalize the wine glass with funny characters, that she would forever keep it with herself.

If she’s decent but loves to eat chocolates, you can even engrave her name on the wine glass and give it to her with lots of chocolates inside the wine glass. This personalized gift will recharge the love between you and her. Wine is regarded as the tone of forever romance and giving her a personalized wine glass would at the very moment would make her scream with joy. You can also gift her a personalized wine glass while proposing her, so that you get a definite ‘yes’ from her side. A personalized wine glass is an epitome of romance.


Christmas means family feasts, wine and celebrations. Christmas is the peak time when people indulge in wine parties and family feasts. Exchanging gifts is the common tradition of Christmas. Christmas is the perfect time to give a personalized wine glass as a gift. And I assure you, everyone is going to love it.

Not only would it come handy to the person while drinking wine but it would also indicate the true spirit of the Christmas eve.  You can even personalize the wine glass according to the Christmas theme.  Elderly people tend to drink a lot on Christmas. A personalized wine glass would make a perfect gift for them.


You can even give a personalized wine glass to someone who does not even drink wine. You can give it to them as a home decor piece. Adults, especially the women love home decor gifts. Not only would the personalized wine glass enhance the interior of the house or the guest room but it would be remembered as a valuable gift given by you.

Personalized wine glass does not take much space in the show case. Moreover, it is the type of gift that would be kept forever by the gift taker. People love to display any personalized gift on the shelf  to appreciate the person who gave it to them.



  • Etching cream
  • Small straight edged paint brush
  • Self- adhesive acrylic stencils
  • Masking tape
  • Rubber gloves
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Plastic painting trap


  • Firstly, wash the wine glass with dish soap and water. Dry it using the lint-free cloth.
  • Choose any work station with a plastic painting tarp.
  • Then, apply the self-adhesive acrylic stencils to the wine glass. Remove the air bubbles by your fingers. Moreover, tape off the wine glass around the stencil so that there aren’t any drips on to the wine glass.
  • Apply the thick mixture of etching cream by wearing rubber gloves.
  • Then rinse the glass off by putting it upside down below the running water. Now, remove the tape and stencil too. Pat dry the wine glass with the lint-free cloth. You can even let the wine glass to air dry.
  • Wash the etching cream from the stencil.
  • Your simple personalized wine glass is ready. Pack it and gift it to your loved one right away.


Personalized wine glass are the most trendiest of all the personalized gift. It makes an exclusive gift for the adults. Moreover, it is very light on the pocket.