Personalized Wedding Gifts Orange County

There is a different type of things that are being used for giving presents to people on their special occasions. That could be birthday parties, baby showers or wedding anniversaries. Another one of the most important events in which you must have to give presents to some people is on their wedding ceremony. It is considered compulsory to give presents to your close friends and relatives because visiting the marriage ceremony without any proper wedding gift is considered an immoral activity.

In this case, people try to get different items such as jewelry, watches, ties or anything else. If someone is very close to the couple and have lots of money, then he/she can give them a honeymoon package as their wedding gift. So, it is clearly up to the person’s closeness and his/her financial status that what he/she is going to offer the newly wed couple.

So, here are some of the personalized wedding gifts that you can make at home easily:

1.    Song Lyric Art

One of the beautiful gifts that you can give to any couple on their wedding ceremony is a song lyric art. This is very romantic to give such kind of gift to someone. Just think about any beautiful song that was played when they met at some restaurant, or any dancing songs that were played when they danced for the first time together, or any other song that is related to any of the memorable moment of their lives.

Spell its lyrics out with vinyl letters on a canvas. Coat the canvas with the spray paint and then peel the letters to highlight the prose. This thing will take up to 30 minutes and you will get a personalised wedding gift for the couple.

2.    Memorable Map

Another beautiful and pretty wedding gift that you can offer to any couple on their wedding ceremony is a memorable map. This thing contains tracks or highlights the location from which they came, the location at which they first met, the location on which they first dated and the location on which they are getting married. All of these locations and the notes that you will use along with these maps will offer great feel to the couple. You will like to make them recall their old beautiful memories and enjoy the moment at the highest romantic feeling, which will eventually make the gift most precious for them.

To make this gift, you just have to cut the map from the points that contain the location you want to pick. Coat them with the mod podge, adhere them to the colorful card stock and at last frame the thing as the final product.

3.    Marker Mugs

Another one of the beautiful and lovely gifts that you can make at home and give as the wedding gift is marker mugs. You might have seen different types of mugs in the market that are being used for drinking coffee or tea but, you might not be known that they could be given to someone as the gift. Well, it seems quite lovely and beautiful to give some kind of mug to some person by marking any beautiful quote or any memorable phrase that relate to that person or the event on which you are invited. In the case of a wedding ceremony, you can take a couple of mugs and relate one mug to the groom and the second one to the bride. Mark some kind of interesting thing or any hobby that you know about both people or any other thing that you want to paste on it. In this way, you can give those people quite lovely and beautiful present at their wedding that will make them recall you whenever they will use those mugs for having tea or coffee.

4.    Portrait Printed Image

Almost every person like to have any kind of memory in their home that can lead them to that beautiful moment that they had spent in past. This is the reason that people take pictures of different incidents and moments that they think to be remembered for the rest of their lives. In this case, if you give one of the images that are very close to the wedding couple’s heart, then they will definitely like it.

So, take any pictures of the most memorable moment that both people spend together and you think that it is very close to their heart, and then reframe it on the canvas. With the help of some kind of software, you can recreate the image in such a way that you have painted it.

5.    Watercolor Pillows

Pillows are another one of the beautiful gifts that you can give to any person on his/her wedding. It is just not like the way as you may be thinking that how a pillow can be given to some person as the gift. Well, this may seem like quite inappropriate to listen but this gift very good impact as the gift. First of all, they will be used a couple’s bed or couch. In this way, they will be used in a good manner. Additionally, they look beautiful if you paint them with some kind of watercolors.

As we can say that you may have seen white pillows or some printed pillows with different designs and shades, but they are not much lovely and beautiful as compared to the pillows that you will give newly wedded couples by painting them with watercolors. The design in other pillows with not be customised while the design at watercolor pillows will completely according to the taste and likings of the person to whom you are going to gift them. You can design them exactly according to their tastes and also can add up some hints related to their love life and love stories.

To make this gift, you just have to take a white pillow and paint anything with the watercolors on it.

Well, above has described some of the ideas and tips to make personalized wedding gifts. Consider all of them and make sure to make anyone and please your lovely friends with your love for them.