Personalized Tote Bags Orange County

Shopping is a necessity and we all can agree to that. Whether it be going to the local mart to buy ingredients for your favorite soup, buying daily necessities and perishables, or going to the mall to cater for all your expensive needs, we all need to shop at some point of our lives.
The best companion for shopping all day in big malls or local marts are bags. Big bags. Tote bags! Tote bags are easy to carry because of their long strap. They can easily be worn on one’s shoulder.

Tote bags are a miraculous invention of the early 1900’s and have since saved the lives of many extravagant shoppers. They are big, sturdy and useful. But in this modern age of design and minimalism, big and bland tote bags might not appear to be attractive enough for women. And this is where personalization comes in.

Since tote bags have a really big surface area, you can, in fact, customize them with unique designs, colors and shapes. If you’re one of those who are more interested in doing everything yourself than letting others do your work for you, we have crafted a guide that will help you create a personalized tote bag on your own.

Before you begin:

Before you begin, here are the things you may need:

  • Tote bag – To experiment all your creativity on
  • Spray adhesive – To help stick stuff together
  • Paper doily – To apply paint only wherever you want
  • Fabric paint – The paint that you will spray on your tote bag
  • Small paintbrush – Used to apply paint on your tote bag
  • Freezer paper – To print designs on your bag
  • Cardboard – To put freezer paper on, and to act like a dustbin at the end
  • Iron – For various purposes like heating up the freezer paper and permanently drying the fiber paint off
  • A knife & other basic broidery utensils – For cutting and sewing stuff onto the bag

How To Make a Personalized Tote Bag

Let us begin how to make a personalized tote bag. Do note that this guide only works for tote bags that are made from fabric, or from simple clothe. Do not try this guide with a plastic tote bag or a bag of any other material that is prone to deformation when put under heat.

  • Craft a proper design of your own on MS Paint or on a board. Or even use any of those paint-like applications on your phone. The general idea is that you should know what kind of design you need before actually applying it on the tote bag.

 Find the place to put your favorite paper doily onto the tote bag. We will copy the design of this doily onto the tote bag using the fabric paint. 

Coat the bottom side of the paper doily with enough amount of spray adhesive and gently put it on the tote bag. Be sure not to apply too much adhesive. It can prove harmful

  • Slightly dip your paint brush into the fabric paint so you can apply it over the paper doily. Massage the paint brush gently over the paper doily.

Slowly peel off the paper doily while the paint is still wet. Do not let the paint dry down while the paper doily is on. It will leave ugly marks on the tote bag and we seriously do not want that.

After peeling the paper doily off, let the paint dry itself completely.

  • If you want to print something onto the tote bag, use the freeze paper. Print something of adequate size, and trace it on the freeze paper using a not-too-sharp pen.

After carefully tracing the design onto the freeze paper, cut the freeze paper into a stencil using a sharp knife or cutter. If you’re clumsy with your hands, ask someone else. This is a very delicate step.

  • Firmly press the freeze paper onto the tote bag. Do not use spray adhesive for this step, as it can mess up with the whole system.

After putting the freeze paper exactly where you want it to be, use an iron with the highest setting to press the freeze paper even further onto the paper.

This will melt the freeze paper’s wax onto the tote paper. In simpler words, this will “print” the bare bones of your stencil onto the bag.

  • Use fabric paint to color over the stencil, which will ultimately provide color to your design. After painting the stencil, remove the freeze paper completely.
  • Iron the paper doily on high settings until the paper doily completely sticks onto the tote bag. Then slightly iron your paint stencil design too. What this will do is: the paint will completely dry off and stick onto the tote bag. You should ultimately be able to wash the tote bag off now, without worrying about the design peeling off.
  • Experiment with different designs on different tote bags and make your colleagues jealous! Wake up the sleeping dragon inside your head. There are an infinite number of combinations.

Use embroidery tools to sew in some flowers or an animal if you want to go for something exotic. Alternatively, use different color of fabric paints and paint yourself a whole new world. This is just the beginning!