Personalized Jewellery Box

When you have the jewels that symbolize your precious feelings, either they are valuable or not but sometimes, they are very price less to your heart. For that jewelry whether gold, silver or copper you need to find a box that’s safe and beautiful enough to store your precious items. The jewelry is used as a symbolic gift. The real reason for owning jewelry is not just wealth but, it symbolizes the love between lovers, friendship between friends and lastly the kinship between relatives.

So when you have the jewelry you need to keep it safe in the shape of a box, we call it the jewelry box. You may personalize or customize your  jewelry box by ordering it online or you can make it at home by yourself.

Jewelry storage has been incredibly important to the jewelry lovers. Storing jewelry means arranging and maintaining your valuables.

Jewelry box is an attractive way to store any type of jewelry and keep its quality well maintained. The more precious the jewelry the more necessary a jewelry box is.

Lets discuss about how to make a personalize jewelry box step by step:


All the materials we need to make a jewelry box can easily be available from your nearest store.

  1. Cardboard
  2. Pencil and ruler
  3. Paper cutter
  4. Good fabric
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. White glue
  7. Yarn
  8. Ribbon for the handle
  9. Scissors
  10. Double sided tape
  11. Embellishments


A cardboard type jewellery box is simple to make, but it offers possibilities  for embellishing. You need to think creative, but at the same time think more useful to make it a perfect  project. First of all you need to make separate pieces of cardboard to keep different types of jewellery part. You should use such a fabric that will prevent your jewellery from moisture contents that may cause rusting (yellow reddish colour on jewelry).

Secondly try to make separate compartments for you necklaces, in order to prevent them from tangling.

Thirdly think about the recipient of your gift, like her likes and dislikes for the kind of jewelry and then personalize it.


So, first of all you need to mark a, b, c on the cardboard, keep in your mind the size of the cardboard must be 11* 13*3, measuring each box properly. Obviously the dimensions of the box are hard to predict, so use your best judgment. Then, cut those six pieces out from the cardboard you marked.


Now, fold up those four sides and with the help of glue and the scotch tape, stick them together.

Then with the fabric cover the box and the lid. You can use any type of fabric, the more good the fabric is the more  beautiful it will look and will not tear out too early.


Cover the side of the box with the fabric very neatly. Then cut more four pieces from the cardboard and stick them inside the box equally. Measurement must be very appropriate to give the box the perfect shape. After that  you can also cover the inside box with the different fabric to make it look more prominent and attractive.


Make compartments for the jewelry. cut the small pieces of  cardboards and trim them accordingly, so that it sits easily inside the box. Create little cups for ear rings, rings and bracelets. Gather all the pieces and glue them inside the box making small compartments for every type of jewelry. Then cover those compartments with a silk type of fabric to make it look even and beautiful.


Add border to the box using yarn by applying glue along the sides of the lid and stick it. Then use the yarn to decorate the lid, use white glue to make it look more cleaner.


Decorate the box to make its appearance look more beautiful. You can decorate it with the help of using beads, stones, small mirror pieces, threads or any other thing.  The options for embellishments are endless, just remember to keep ideas in your mind to make it look more creative and beautiful.

Personalize it accordingly like if you want to gift it to someone, then use their name or their printed picture on the box. And if you want to add more then add a piece of hand made jewelry and place it inside for the surprise.

Enjoy Your Own Personalized Jewelry Box 

Jewelry itself has no meaning, they become valuable. They are the symbol of being wealthy but, the real reason for owning jewelry is not because of wealth. They are always used as a symbolic gift whenever you will open your jewelry box it will remind you of that this piece of jewelry is basically love, friendship or kinship. So to keep your  valuable jewelry safe you need to buy or customize your own box . This jewelry box is a token of appreciation for love, friendship or kinship